This Journey, called life..

Greetings and a warm welcome! This is my first blog and I wish to share my experiences, learnings, realizations and lessons learned. You might ask yourself, “why do I need to read this random guy’s blog on his experiences and learnings..? How would I validate the lessons he has learned? Why do I even care what his realizations are? What good would it do to me?” My answer to all these questions, we are all just the same. A few shades here and there maybe, but our Journey is the same, the elements that make us are JUST the same. If I have negotiated a steep turn around a cliff, chances are, you too may have to. I only intend to put a few signboards. That’s all.

There are enough signboards to read and more than enough to learn from nature around us. All we need is, some-time to stop and talk to ourself.

Let me share a very short-story with you. There was a little Girl who once saved a puppy from drowning. The puppy grew up and so did the love and the bond between the two. A lesson that nature teaches us here- “as you sow, so you reap”. Simple.  There are no exceptions to this rule (absolutely None). If we let nature do it’s magic, the results we see are wonderful. The little girl ploughed compassion and love towards the puppy and exactly the same emotions grew up for the little girl. By the way, the Puppy didn’t read this random blog to learn and cultivate these emotions. He just simply followed his natural state of being. We, humans, are a more complicated you see (or we like to be), hence these random blogs sometimes show easy signboards.

It’s nice to pull out some time for self during the day, talk to nature around and pick a few lessons. For if you like mangoes, lemon seeds won’t just help. @lifenmyself


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