Joy follows in abundance, all we need is to balance..

The biggest secrets being chased by us aren’t actually “secrets”. All is visible, around us everywhere, but we are shut towards them. Imagine yourself in a dark room, which is full of all the stuff we need. Do we see anything? We don’t.. Darkeness covers up everything around us, even when it may exist, in real and abundance. In this situation, what is required to see and realize the abundance is balance- balance of light. The absence of it covers up everything, too much of it, blinds us.

The same logic applies to us in our life. We chase soo much all the time. Today we want something, tomorrow we want something else.. We keep on getting what we want, and we keep on forgetting, moving our desires and focus constantly forward to what we don’t have. Never do we stop, open our eyes and mind to look around and feel ‘the abundance’.

Everyone is chasing something. Some chase success, some love and some fame, some chase this and some chase that.. Unfortunately, only few get what they want. Do they know the secret? Maybe..

Thinking about it, what could be the secret of finding all in ‘abundance’? BALANCE, maybe.

That point in time when we stop chasing anything and try bringing some balance in life, it’s then everything falls into place and the UNIVERSE opens up the ‘doors of abundance’.  We are too small a being and the universe is too enormous. The moment we open our mind and become aware of this fact, the enormity of the universe reflects and shows us that all that we want and desire is around us, in abundance. All we need is the right balance of light to brighten our life.

4 thoughts on “Joy follows in abundance, all we need is to balance..

  1. There are living people alive and then there are dead people alive. Those who are dead but alive, they don’t care about anything and they are worst than animals.. However, those who are alive and live, they get frustrated by ignorance. Ignorance leads to an urge to know. Knowledge leads to development of mankind. This urge to know has taken man from the primitive life in jungles to a sophisticated life in concrete jungles. Knowledge is immortal. This is what everyone should chase.

    Well done!

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  2. Keep looking; and you will never find it. Stop searching for it when everything is right within you. Attitude of Gratitude says be content with what you have, because everything you’ve been given is more and never less.

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