Let it be, the mess will clear…

So much of clutter everywhere– on my workdesk, in life, between me and the lord. What could help clear it all? “Letting it be”… but not just only letting it be. When we keep accumulating with the desire and belief of realizing once we have enough, we end up cluttering and blocking the flow of life. All our energies constantly focus on accumulating, leaving us with no time and energy to realize. The deal is not “how much we have in the end” but “how well we spent that we had”.

Every bit that forms the clutter and mess was once added to realize something for us. Any seed would require time, energy and space to fructify. Too many placed closely don’t reap fruits but host weed. Remember, to clear the clutter, let it be for a while. Don’t add more to the mess, for it shall multiply. ‘Letting it be’ will clear some by itself.

Then, start sorting the bigger bit without any expectations. Expectations will make you place them not with the intent to sort, but with a purpose that will inadvertently attract more (remember we have to untie the knots and not create more). This process of sorting from bigger bits to smaller will by itself clear some bit of the mess.

Sometimes we fall in love with the beauty of the chaos. Not because we really do but because we are conditioned to. There is so much in my bag- some I really want, some my conditioning tells me I want, some my people believe I want and a lot my Karma gets me. Today I don’t need a lot of it, but who knows tomorrow I may. Expectations and fears derived from our conditioning prevent us from sorting this mess and getting lighter and clear with ourselves.

Keeping the desk clean and receiving the desired from the razzmatazz of life being the key,  it’s important to be aware of all that fills our bag of life. We tend to bring more and more without giving ourselves time and space to grow and enjoy that we have added. All that we add and not attend to, “never fructifies”. We must space and cultivate every wish and desire to let it manifest and grow, as we like it to.

No matter what it is, let it be. The mess will clear… once sorted- space it, cultivate it, realize it, stay aware and bliss follows…

Peace for all


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