Have we found it yet?

Today, at this moment, let’s embark on a journey.. one that marks the beginning of our quest of knowing the one and only, the eternal truth about our-self. Who we are, where have we come from, where are we going to? What is the purpose of our life, where are we all running to, what are we chasing..? It’s important to stop for a while and reflect upon the truth behind this drama called Life. Everyone around us, the entire mankind is chasing.. chasing joy, happiness, contentment, peace & bliss. Everything that everybody does, is to realize all of this goodness but have we ever wondered why, despite all the work and efforts going to get us happiness and joys, we end-up getting none of it & we continue to struggle to get it in bits and pieces? What is it that we are not doing right? Everyone is chasing happiness, everyone is doing everything (at least in our conscious mind & actions) to get happy and yet, no one is happy. What is that one thing, we all are going wrong on?

Have we ever wondered what it is? There has to be, definitely, there has to be something that most of us are doing wrong, as a result of which, in spite of working towards happiness & bliss, we fail to realize it..

While you may now be thinking about it but let me tell you here, we all know what is it. Yes! We certainly do.. just that we are in a state of constant sleep. Only if we stop for a while, make time to talk to our-self, listen to self, we will find the answer. We will know exactly what to do and what not to. We will know exactly what to chase and what to let go, to feel that constant bliss.

Let’s pull out some time and try finding the answer. Do share your thoughts and comments under, until we connect again soon, to speak about this further. Till then, stay joyful and happy…

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