I did no wrong, why do my situations pain me?

He has been a good man all his life, didn’t do anything wrong (at least to his best of his memory and recall in this lifetime), yet he feels life has been unfair with him. He can see compassion, wishful intent to give joy and peace to others and mindfulness and despite all this goodness, he sees himself at the receiving end of bitter fruits from life. Why me? Why does it all happen to me when I do no wrong to anyone? God can’t be unfair and life can’t be so brutal. This question kept him looking for the answer for so long until one day he met this wise soul who made him understand the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’ of life.

All of us come to play this drama of life with these two things- 1. Destiny and 2. Free Will. Destiny is pre-ordained, it can’t be changed or edited. It’s like the score we get after we have written our exam. Once done, we can’t re-write. Every action, word or thought we did, said or nurtured sowed the fruit of our destiny. Everything we experience today- our life, our people around, our work, our health and wealth- everything is our Destiny that is the result of our past actions, words, thoughts. My being happy or unhappy today is clearly a result of my past actions. I can’t change it. I wrote my exam already and now I have the results/ grades.

Now, if I’m unhappy with my results today, what would I do? How can I score better going forward? It’s simple… I’d study harder. I would be more diligent, thorough, mindful and aware. I would definitely continue with my basketball and biking routines but I would be more serious with my reading. I would cultivate my concentration. While my grades are bad today but I will study harder to improve them going forward. While my Destiny is subjecting me to difficult times today but I will endure and use my free will to do the right things (right actions-words-thoughts) to get better results tomorrow, to cultivate a better Destiny for my self, tomorrow.

This is the divine relationship between Destiny and Free Will. When troubled, he must know the reason and solution. Reason being his Destiny (a result of his past actions) and the solution is his Free Will to do the right thing today. He can use his Free Will today to write his Destiny for tomorrow but he can’t rewrite his destiny today.

What happens outside of us is our Destiny and as a result of that, what happens inside of us- our emotions, feelings, thoughts, words & actions- all of this is our free will. As we exercise our Free Will, our new destiny- our destiny for tomorrow gets created. At that moment, the outcome shifts. The outcome that is dismal today becomes joyfully blissful tomorrow …

Peace for all

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