Dealing with difficult situations

Many times we find ourselves dealing with difficult situations, difficult people and difficult emotions. And our response during such difficult interactions mostly leave us filled with negative energies. Anger, despair, disappointment, etc etc. And these negative energies are the least we want.

So how can we deal with such difficult moments and people? How should we respond? Can we avoid such negative interactions?

(Tell us about how you deal with such situations and please do leave a comment below.)

Here is how we walk through those. Any challenging situation that we are in, will always leave us with following 3 options:
One: We try changing the situation, or (if we can’t change the situation)
Two: We try changing our perspective to align with the situation (and if we can’t change, either the situation or ourselves)
Three: If we can’t align, we alight. We exit

The idea being, not to entangle and feed the negativity. While it’s imperative to work and try improve the interaction or the situation (and leaving never being an option at first) but there is always a point beyond which any amount of energy and time invest will only feed the negativity.

Always remember, we are far bigger that our problems and the difficult situations we often find ourselves in. If we stop feeding the negativity, we will see the challenge dissipate. It’s us who feed the difficult situation so much that it becomes larger than us. The key is to starve that tough situation. Tell it that you have the ability to rise above. Don’t feed it, just don’t. Just witness and watch. Just stay calm and you will peacefully walk through.

I know it’s easier said than done, but this very belief that our problem is larger than us and that it can defeat us, leads us to our weak and vulnerable self. And at times, when we manage to gather the courage to face and defeat the challenge, that demon uses the Ace to beat us. It’s then, it attacks our ego and our self. It reflects such a magnified image of itself that we see our self (which is our ego) much smaller and defeated. And when we see our being weaker than the challenge, it’s game over.

So next time, whenever you see yourself in a difficult situation, remember:

  1. Give your best to resolve and align
  2. If you can’t change the situation, try changing your perspective
  3. If you can’t change either, after trying and giving your best, if still unable to align, alight

Don’t let that situation challenge your ego. Don’t feed the magnified image of the challenge. Just let it be. Always remember, you are bigger than any situation or challenge you are faced with. Keep the faith and you’ll rise above.

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Peace to all.

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