Duality is failing our strengths

DO we see our strengths failing us? Is success becoming hard to realize? There is something that is keeping us away from realizing our goals despite our playing on our qualities and strengths?

Maybe, Duality is failing us. Duality is failing our strength.

WE spend all our life thinking of the past or worrying about the future. Right now, are we truly living our life? I see many of us saying ‘No’ to that question. Despite trying hard and wanting to do so, we are not living as we should be. If not now, when? How? When and How do we live life, as it is?

Let’s try and understand and get to the answer. Different from how we see, ‘Life’ actually is only this moment now, that we are in. Just think of it for a while. Life is happening to you right now. Think, Pause, Right now, in this moment, what do you have? You’ll realize, this moment is all that u have and this moment only is ‘Life’, right now and always. What went behind is past and what’s coming tomorrow will be the present moment when we reach there. So, life is nothing but this present moment that we are living, right now.

It is the duality of wanting to live in the present moment but actually dwelling either in the moments of past or worries of future, that is robbing us off our happiness and peace, today.  

Now comes the question, How do we live in the NOW? How do we come into the present moment? How do we encash the peace and happiness in life, now?

The answer is simple. Practice. Practice getting all your focus in this present moment, in the NOW. Your mind will wander, as it has been taught and conditioned to do, but start by practicing bit by bit. Our biggest enemy in the present moment is duality. Just like there is only ONE moment at a time, there must only be ONE focus at a point in time. The fundamental error in our pattern is duality.

Now to explain this better, we can imagine our life as a large farm field and our goals as crops. Can we cultivate more than many crops on a field at the same time? Can we cultivate multiple crops with different harvesting cycles in one field? Imagine a field with multiple crops being harvested and every crop having a different harvesting cycle, requiring different seasonal approach and every crop having different method of farming. Would such a field ever grow yield worthy of the effort put in? Never. That is impossible. And this is exactly how we cultivate the field of our life. In this present moment, we sow so many different seeds of goals, emotions, patterns etc and every goal, every emotion calling for a different approach for realization. Won’t this mess-up everything and would it ever yield the desired result? It won’t. It can never, because:

  1. Every goal or success we work for calls for a focus and approach, different from another and
  2. Lot many of these goals are conflicting with each other

Never can conflicting goals lead to success. Infact, conflicts wreck our state of mind.

Therefore, if we really want to build focus and align our strengths to realize success, we must get rid of duality. While in this moment right now, we must fix our focus to one ‘one identified’ direction and every thought, every bit of energy & our desire must correspond or align with that 1 focus. It’s very important to get rid of duality. Feeding duality that most often have conflicting directions is a mistake that everyone makes, knowingly or unknowingly and invariable walk towards failure and frustration.

It might appear ‘simple to say but difficult to implement’ to you but trust me, it actually IS simple. We all can, by little practice get rid of this duality that is wrecking our lives. Here is a simple way to start.

  1. Get very clear in your communication with yourself. Drop that gold medal that you were chasing while trying to be a good boy or good girl. DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF (atleast).
  2. Identify your goals. Both short and long term. Mark out those goals that are driven by emotions ONLY and highlight those driven by your passion and your inner calling. Also remember to take away every bit of judgment about yourself and other, while doing this exercise. Be as honest and real as you can, while doing this. This exercise, if done well and honestly can save you from regretting later.
  3. Write down those goals on a piece of paper.
  4. Mark the most important goal and give it priority One
  5. Identify those goals that may create a conflict with your priority# 1 goal and either eliminate them from the list now or move them to another sheet, away from being visible
  6. Once identified, NOW put all focus and build your actionable around achieving the identified.

What have we done here? What do we achieve by doing this?

  1. We have identified the most important goal that we have to realize now
  2. We have eliminated conflicting goals
  3. We have identified all those goals that complement and align with our priorities

And, IN A NUTSHELL, we have dropped duality

Now our field has only one crop. Every energy is flowing to cultivate that crop. We know the harvesting season and we are good to reap the yield.

Life is amazingly simple. Just that we are conditioned and taught to engage our mind continuously and multitask. We are made to believe that it is not worthy to engage in simple pursuits and only that is complicated is good and must be chased.

Let’s simplify life, untie the knots, drop the duality and walk with unified focus to our most desired goal. Following this approach, success is guaranteed.

Peace to all.

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