That poor (rich) boy on the street

Having achieved so much, his mind was filled with grand plans and ideas. There was not a single dull moment when he wouldn't have something going in his head. There were streams of anticipation and happy thoughts pouring in from every corner of his brain. Only if you could scan his neuroanatomy, you would see liberal doses of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin filling him up...

My reality is what I desire

Everything is Energy. The entire visible/physical manifested universe and the un-manifested, EVERYTHING. Hence, our thoughts, words and actions are also Energy. The vibration or energy of our thoughts, words and actions create our manifested reality. Therefore, when unhappy with the reality: Never mind what is Imagine it the way you want it to be Match … Continue reading My reality is what I desire

My addiction to drama in life

Ever wondered why we keep chasing? We do so because we are taught the need for drama in life right from the moment we enter the world. The need for drama to keep the exciting, emotional & unexpected events or circumstances coming because this is believed to be the only way to live, grow and evolve in Life. Right from our childhood, we are taught, driven and directed by fear, drama & greed to get a good life. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. It’s great to be wealthy, happy in a family and live a life of abundance but nothing of all this is ever achieved by fear, greed or drama. This isn’t the way to live. The one and the only way to evolve and grow in life is by cutting all that drama from life and experiencing life, as it is.

The most twisted equation of life…

Dictionary meaning of 'Equation': A statement that 'the values of two expressions are equal'. Isn't it ironical that we all want peace, joy, abundance, order & fineness from everything around us in our life but we, ourself seldom endeavor to give it back or at least reflect upon and evaluate whether we are giving all the … Continue reading The most twisted equation of life…

What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret

‘What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret’, if we literally understand this phrase, we will never ever worry again in life. Has this thought ever occurred to you that two individuals, despite having exactly the same life pattern and history, have different life directions? This being the case mostly, one thing is clear- we … Continue reading What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret

Joy follows in abundance, all we need is to balance..

The biggest secrets being chased by us aren't actually "secrets". All is visible, around us everywhere, but we are shut towards them. Imagine yourself in a dark room, which is full of all the stuff we need. Do we see anything? We don't.. Darkeness covers up everything around us, even when it may exist, in real and abundance. … Continue reading Joy follows in abundance, all we need is to balance..

This Journey, called life..

Greetings and a warm welcome! This is my first blog and I wish to share my experiences, learnings, realizations and lessons learned. You might ask yourself, "why do I need to read this random guy's blog on his experiences and learnings..? How would I validate the lessons he has learned? Why do I even care what … Continue reading This Journey, called life..