Duality is failing our strengths

Do we see our strengths failing us? Is success becoming hard to realize? There is something that is keeping us away from realizing our goals despite our playing on our qualities and strengths? Maybe, Duality is failing us. Duality is failing our strength. Click the title above to read this entire blog or visit http://www.myinnerlight.org to listen to this episode on our Podcast.


Addiction to Drama

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-sjdph-ed0243 Ever wondered why we keep chasing? We do so because we are taught the need for drama in life right from the moment we enter the world. The need for drama to keep the exciting, emotional & unexpected events or circumstances coming because this is believed to be the only way to live, grow and … Continue reading Addiction to Drama

Purpose of life

Right from the moment we are born, we are taught to chase. We are taught to live a particular way, ironically by those who have never been sorted themselves. While we are born free, we are conditioned to live enslaved to ways that haven't worked for most of us. We live and die, enslaved. The purpose of life is to live and die, just the way we are born- Free.

Stages of realising unending Joy..

How often we all wonder if there is a way for us to live like a child. Children are so carefree, so very joyful and absolutely in the moment. They are so undivided towards their emotions and reality.. What is it that looks so promising to us that we are willing to let go of all, in return? Let's walk through these 'Stages of realizing unending Joy'...

The most twisted equation of life…

Dictionary meaning of 'Equation': A statement that 'the values of two expressions are equal'. Isn't it ironical that we all want peace, joy, abundance, order & fineness from everything around us in our life but we, ourself seldom endeavor to give it back or at least reflect upon and evaluate whether we are giving all the … Continue reading The most twisted equation of life…

I did no wrong, why do my situations pain me?

All of us come to play this drama of life with these two things- 1. Destiny and 2. Free Will. Destiny is pre-ordained, it can't be changed or edited. It's like the score we get after we have written our exam. Once done, we can't re-write. While my Destiny is subjecting me to difficult times today but I will endure and use my free will to do the right things (right actions-words-thoughts) to get better results tomorrow, to cultivate a better Destiny for my self, tomorrow.

Have we found it yet?

Everyone around us is chasing.. chasing joy, happiness, contentment, peace & bliss. Everything that everybody does, is to realize all of this goodness but have we ever wondered why, despite all the work and efforts going to get us happiness and joys, we end-up getting none of it & we continue to struggle to get it in bits and pieces? What is it that we are not doing right?

What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret

‘What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret’, if we literally understand this phrase, we will never ever worry again in life. Has this thought ever occurred to you that two individuals, despite having exactly the same life pattern and history, have different life directions? This being the case mostly, one thing is clear- we … Continue reading What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret