I did no wrong, why do my situations pain me?

All of us come to play this drama of life with these two things- 1. Destiny and 2. Free Will. Destiny is pre-ordained, it can't be changed or edited. It's like the score we get after we have written our exam. Once done, we can't re-write. While my Destiny is subjecting me to difficult times today but I will endure and use my free will to do the right things (right actions-words-thoughts) to get better results tomorrow, to cultivate a better Destiny for my self, tomorrow.

What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret

‘What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret’, if we literally understand this phrase, we will never ever worry again in life. Has this thought ever occurred to you that two individuals, despite having exactly the same life pattern and history, have different life directions? This being the case mostly, one thing is clear- we … Continue reading What has to happen, will happen.. don’t fret