Dealing with difficult situations

Many times we find ourselves dealing with difficult situations or difficult people and our response during such difficult interactions mostly leave us filled with negative energies. These negative energies are the least we want. So how can we deal with such difficult moments and people? How should we respond? We are far bigger that our problems and the difficult situations we often find ourselves in. The idea being, not to entangle and feed the negativity. While it’s imperative to work and try improve the interaction or the situation but there is always a point beyond which any amount of energy and time invest will only feed the negativity. Don’t let that situation challenge your ego. You are bigger than any situation or challenge you are faced with. Gather the courage to face and defeat the challenge and don’t let that demon attacks your ego by reflecting a magnified image of itself. When we see our being weaker than the challenge, it’s game over. Hence, keep the faith and you’ll rise above. Click the title above to read this blog or visit to listen to this episode on our Podcast.


That poor (rich) boy on the street

Having achieved so much, his mind was filled with grand plans and ideas. There was not a single dull moment when he wouldn't have something going in his head. There were streams of anticipation and happy thoughts pouring in from every corner of his brain. Only if you could scan his neuroanatomy, you would see liberal doses of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin filling him up...

My reality is what I desire

Everything is Energy. The entire visible/physical manifested universe and the un-manifested, EVERYTHING. Hence, our thoughts, words and actions are also Energy. The vibration or energy of our thoughts, words and actions create our manifested reality. Therefore, when unhappy with the reality: Never mind what is Imagine it the way you want it to be Match … Continue reading My reality is what I desire

Purpose of life

Right from the moment we are born, we are taught to chase. We are taught to live a particular way, ironically by those who have never been sorted themselves. While we are born free, we are conditioned to live enslaved to ways that haven't worked for most of us. We live and die, enslaved. The purpose of life is to live and die, just the way we are born- Free.

I did no wrong, why do my situations pain me?

All of us come to play this drama of life with these two things- 1. Destiny and 2. Free Will. Destiny is pre-ordained, it can't be changed or edited. It's like the score we get after we have written our exam. Once done, we can't re-write. While my Destiny is subjecting me to difficult times today but I will endure and use my free will to do the right things (right actions-words-thoughts) to get better results tomorrow, to cultivate a better Destiny for my self, tomorrow.

My most fulfilling relationship…

"Relationships", that one aspect of everyone's life- make a few feel fulfilled, make a lot many feel unsettled and make a very few feel grown and matured. This one aspect called 'relationships' that everyone chases and chooses so wisely and carefully can become the very reason for a person's growth, stagnation or decline. It therefore becomes essential … Continue reading My most fulfilling relationship…